TERMITE CONTROL services in the UAE

What are termites?

Termites are known as ‘silent destroyers.’ It is because of their ability to chew through wood undetected. Apart from wood they also feed on other cellulose-based materials such as paper, books, insulation, swimming pool liners and filtration systems.

Each year, termites cause over $5 billion in property damage. It is vital to pay attention to such threats as over time you could lose personal belongings and property. Termites are very much capable of damaging the monetary value of your property as well.

The most common types of termites you may encounter in the UAE are subterranean termites. These are social insects that live in colonies in the soil. Each subterranean termite colony has a queen. The queen can live up to 25 years and can lay approximately 2,000 eggs a day. So that’s well over 18 million eggs in her entire lifetime.

Given the years of experience our team has, coupled with the effective and eco-friendly termiticides used, we ensure that a detailed inspection and service is carried out to get rid of these termites so that they are no longer a nuisance to your property.

In the UAE, pre-construction termite treatment is mandatory to protect buildings from termites. This cost-effective, simple, and quick process involves:

Soil Treatment: The soil around the building site is treated with termiticides. This involves spraying insecticides over the soil before the foundation slab is poured, ensuring that the entire area beneath and around the foundation is protected.

Barrier Formation: By applying termiticides, a continuous chemical barrier is created. This barrier is effective in stopping termites from tunneling through the soil to reach the structure.

Professional Application: It’s crucial to hire professionals for this treatment to ensure it is done correctly and effectively. Their expertise ensures that the termiticides are applied thoroughly and uniformly, providing maximum protection.

Post-construction termite control is crucial for safeguarding existing buildings from termite infestations. The methods involved here are:

Drilling and Injecting: This method involves drilling holes around the building's perimeter and injecting termiticides into the drilled spaces. This creates a chemical barrier that deters termites from crossing into the building.

Trenching and Flooding: In this approach, professionals dig trenches around the foundation and flood them with termiticides. The trenches are then refilled, forming an effective barrier against termites.

Both methods are designed to block termite entry points, providing comprehensive protection and ensuring a termite-free environment in and around your property.